Green Go MOJO is our powerful gas additive that gives an average power boost of 7+%, depending on how much you use:

One drop per 8 gallons of fuel – 7%

One drop per 4 gallons of fuel – 10%

One drop per 2 gallons of fuel – 15%

Experimental use:

One drop per gallon of fuel – 22%

Two drops per gallon of fuel – 33%

If using for mileage boost, there are many variables that can affect mileage. It depends on your cars computer (OBD II) and how/if it interprets data from your O2 and knock sensors. Another factor is the fuel mapping function of the cars computer. The biggest factor of all is how you drive. With the extra energy available, it’s very easy to develop a “lead foot”.

A simple way to re-map the computer for a new fuel (with the additive) is to fuel up using the additive, park the car, and either pull the fuse for the computer (sometimes marked PCM) or pull the battery cable. Check your owner’s manual or with a qualified mechanic.  Let it sit for eight hours and reinstall fuse or battery connection, drive ten minutes at highway speeds, then 20 minutes in the city – using heavy acceleration cycles. This will give the computer a good idea of what it’s working with. Please send us your mileage results at ( greengoadditives at gmail dot com ). Please send specifics such as engine size, make/model, transmission, etc. and of course – what kind of mileage you were getting before using the additive as well.

For performance use, rather than highway/city routine, the drive calibration should consist of multiple 1/4 mile runs and wide-open throttle 0-60 MPH runs, or other routines specifically designed for your style of racing. Put it through its paces!