Green Go Additives were developed for emissions reductions, but turned out to be a win/win/win solution. It reduces emissions by improving the burning efficiency of your fuel, giving a boost in horsepower, torque, and mileage as well. Formulated with hyper-energized ethanol, it readily meets EPA requirements as an oxygenate additive, but is registered with the EPA for combustion enhancement and emissions reduction. It is “street legal”.

Unlike common ethanol, it boosts combustion well beyond that of regular gasoline! While testing emissions on a dynamometer, it was decided to test for torque and horsepower. This pivotal moment brought out the realization of the potential of this product. Using only four milliliters of the prototype (3rd gen.) in 16 gallons of gas gave us a horsepower boost of ten percent! By comparison, it would have taken four GALLONS of nitromethane ( the fuel used by “fuelly” dragsters – the kind you see explode on TV) to give the same boost. Besides the fact that “nitro” is dangerous to use (and costs $ 40 a gallon!), it puts out very foul emissions and will trash your cars O2 sensors in a hurry. We’ve developed MOJO to the point that a fraction of a drop per gallon will give this kind of performance!

Our additives burn extremely clean and because of the increased combustion efficiency, your gasoline burns more completely, reducing emissions all around. If you drive aggressively, you have the extra power on tap and if you don’t, the extra power stretches your mileage. The increased performance is quite noticeable and will take a little getting used to. Pump gas with our additives outperforms racing fuels in most applications.

Our registered aftermarket additives are: Econo, MOJO, and Curve. Econo is for legacy cars w/o fuel injection, MOJO is for modern cars with fuel injection controlled by an OBD II computer (all street cars after 1996 use this), and Curve is for racing and experimental uses where special tuning is performed. MOJO has four times the energy of Econo, and Curve has four times the energy of MOJO. They are priced proportionately.